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本文摘要:距离2020年中考另有不到100天时间,今天芒果老师给大家整理了2020年中考英语作文预测会出的题目,并附有对应的范文。孩子可以提前把这些范文背下,如果恰好出了这些题目,孩子肯定如鱼得水~老师们可以转发收藏下,让孩子们快抓紧时间背诵影象,中考肯定能发挥超棒~1手机现在的人们,脱离手机可以说是寸步难行。 但过分依赖手机真的好吗?【预测题目】如今边走路边玩手机的“低头族”随处可见。请你凭据下列图片的先后顺序,为校刊“英语园地”写一篇漫笔,谈谈使用手机的利弊及你的建议。



但过分依赖手机真的好吗?【预测题目】如今边走路边玩手机的“低头族”随处可见。请你凭据下列图片的先后顺序,为校刊“英语园地”写一篇漫笔,谈谈使用手机的利弊及你的建议。【参考范文】 Nowadays,mobile phones are very popular. They are playing an important role in our life. We can use them to read news,send messages,make phone calls and read all kinds of books. Besides,we can use them to enjoy music,do some shopping and play games. In a word,mobile phones have made our life more colorful. However,they also bring us many problems. For example,if people use them while riding,they may have traffic accidents. If we spend a lot of time on the mobile phones,it may affect our study. What's more,they're bad for our eyes and necks. In my opinion,we shouldn't spend lots of time on them and we should use them properly.2家规不陋习矩,无以成周遭。



好比:必须定时回家,禁绝打电子游戏等。请你联合家庭的实际情况,凭据下面的提示和要求,以“My Family Rules”为题,写一篇漫笔。

提示:1. 家里有哪些家规;2. 对家规的感受;3. 对怙恃的建议。要求:1. 必须包罗提示内容,可以适当发挥;2. 词数:不少于90词;3. 文中不得泛起真实的地名和人名。


【参考范文】My Family Rules My parents are very strict with me, and they have made some basic rules which I must obey. Firstly, I must finish my homework in time. Secondly, I cannot play computer games, even in my free time or on weekends. Thirdly, I have to do some housework, such as making the bed and tidying my bedroom and so on. If I break one of them, I will be punished. But thanks to these rules, I can live a healthy and regular life. I think the second rule is unfair to me. I hope sometimes I could be allowed to play computer games for a while. It will make me relaxed.3校规除了家规,校规在各所中学也是普遍存在和热议的话题。关于校规,你怎么看?【预测题目】人们常说:“没有规则,不成周遭”,合理的校规对于学生的康健发展至关重要。请你凭据以下所给内容要点,以“Our school rules”为题写一篇英文漫笔,谈谈你们的校规。

内容要点:1.你们学校有哪些校规;2.谈谈你对这些校规的看法;3.请说说你的好建议;4.……要求:1.文中必须包罗所给提示中1-3项内容,可展开思路,适当发挥;2.文中不能泛起真实的校名、人名和其他真实信息;3.不少于80词。【参考范文】Our School Rules There are many rules in our school. From Monday to Friday,we have to get to school before 7:00 in the morning. We must wear school uniforms,and I think it is good for us because uniforms can make us look smart. We must listen to our te。